Sunday, 10 May 2015

KCW - Wild Things

I know that Kids Clothes Week was a while back, but life has been busy and this is the first chance I have had to post about my projects.

With spring well and truly arrived, my niece had requested a new a Hanami top and a dress, asking me to try and find some pink butterfly, hearts or flowers fabric. And as if by magic, the first fabric to catch my eye in the shop was a cerise fabric with pink and orange butterflies.

I don't tend to go for fabrics with animals on. However, when I spotted this lovebirds fabric, I was reminded of the KCW theme of 'Wild Things' and decided to be brave and give it a go with a Caroline Party Dress.

My niece adores this dress and could not contain her excitement when she tried it on for size, before hemming. She was so excited that I had to promise to finish the hem after work, one evening, so that she wouldn't have to wait until the next weekend to wear it!

And to finish off, I couldn't forget the Little Guy. Lack of fabric options (and time) meant that I moved away from the 'Wild Things' theme and made some firm favourites: The Bookworm Button-Up and KID shorts.