Monday, 19 January 2015

Birthday Cakes

It's now become a tradition that I make my niece and nephew's birthday cakes. Their birthdays fall a week either side of Christmas and this year, Little Miss started sharing cake ideas with me in August!

First it was 101 dalmations, then Tarzan. Finally though, she settled on Teddy Bears Picnic.  I thought I would get away with a green iced cake with bears in top, but she had bigger plans... a 3D bear that looks fluffy and looks like her beloved 'Teddy'. I think I did ok...

It was a bit of a mammoth construction job with multiple stacked cakes and cake-truffle, with dowels and spaghetti for support.

Luckily my 2-year-old nephew's only request was "goats", so he got the simple green cake with picnicing goats to go with their picnic party theme.

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