Sunday, 9 November 2014

Explorer hoodie remix

My lovely parents spoiled me rotten last month and bought me a new sewing machine for my 30th. It's a Janome 7025 and I am in love!

This machine has so many more functions and capabilities than my last so I decided to tests a few things out by making an Explorer Hoodie.

Unfortunately I did not have enough knit fabric fabric to follow the instructions to the word. Instead I mixed it up with short sleeves and with woven waistband and hood trim.

Using on,y fabric from my refashion and stash piles, I had to get a bit creative. I wasn't sure this combination would work but I think I have just about pulled it off...

To sew the knit fabric and construct the main parts of the top, I used a special knit stitch that also overlocks. I didn't think ahead to the impact this would have on piecing it together with the woven fabrics; the seam allowance created by using the stretch stitch was much less than the seam allowance detailed in the pattern... Oops! Because I was using up bits from my stash I couldn't recut pieces so had to make the best out of it that I could. To cut a long story short, I made it work, but decided it would be best not to add elastic to the waistband.

The little lady likes the top and wanted to keep it on all day (despite the cooling temperatures), so I guess you can call it a success. If nothing else, the project involved enough techniques to give the new machine a good test.

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