Sunday, 13 July 2014

Here Comes The Sundress

A little while back I won this awesome giveaway over at StraightGrain.

I used some of this softer-than-soft cotton (Valley in Azure) to make a top for myself (maybe one day I will be brave enough to share it here), and have since been waiting for the perfect pattern to finish it up with.

Here enters the Here Comes the Sundress pattern from The Mother Huddle.

Although my niece is only three-and-a-half, she is tall, so I didn't hesitate to go for the FREE 4-5 year pattern. There is plenty of growing room, but I wouldn't say its TOO big. And the little lady loves her new dress so much that she insisted on keeping it on all afternoon after trying it on for size - always a good sign!

I'm now wondering how the shoulder straps would work in knit as the cut of this dress looks like it would be perfect for a cotton knit/jersey nightdress...


  1. Hi! Do you still happen to have the pattern for this dress? I've been searching for crazy and kicking myself for not downloading it when I saw it ages ago!

    1. Only in paper, sorry.

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  2. Hi,
    I can't find the tutorial anymore. Would you please let me know the cutting chart for the sleeves size 4-5y? thanks a lot :)