Saturday, 12 April 2014

KCW - Hosh Pants

As I have previously mentioned, KCW has been the perfect excuse to buy some new patterns. This morning was the turn of the Hosh Pants by Sarah at EmmylouBeeDoo.

I didn't have any stretch woven fabrics in my stash so I raided my refashion pile and found a pair of my old stretch skinny jeans with worn out knees.

I had to get a bit creative with pattern placement, so these Hosh Pants have (slightly twisted) side seams.

I also had to cut the length short (due to the worn knees), so I decided to make these as cropped pants with cuffs. I cut the 4T size but with the 12-18 month length. The cuffs are about 2" long and I used pink floral fabric for the waistband and cuff facings.

I made some piping from the pink fabric and added this to the cuff seams and the front waistband. I also used some bright pink topstitching As a finishing touch.

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