Saturday, 26 October 2013

Seersucker autumn tunic dress

Seersucker is one if my all time favourite fabrics and a few weeks ago John Lewis had a selection if bright seersuckers on offer; I couldn't resist!

Whilst I was there I also browsed the patterns and came across burda kids 9503 dress and tunic pattern. It seemed like the perfect project for my new seersucker as a long sleeved tunic in light seersucker can be layered with leggings and long sleeved tees for the cooler weather.

I was pretty excited and got going straight away... but only just finished this wekend. I'm pretty happy with how its come out, but there were a few hiccups along the way...

After two unsuccessful attempts at following the instructions for the button placket, I gave up and did it 'my' way... the delicate seersucker would not have survived a third seam ripping!

I'm also not so keen on the instruction to sew the sleeve seams, hem and then set in... on the hanger the underarms seem a little bulky. Hopefully it will look better once it's on a wriggly almost-three-year-old body.

And my final complaint is that the 5/8" (1.5cm) seam allowances look rather excessive to me... I trimmed some down after sewing, which felt a bit wasteful.

Other than that, I like to top/dress. I love the fabric and used some bright green snap fasteners for the front that pick up on the fine green lines in the fabric and finish it off beautifully (plus snaps make for easy toddler self-dressing abd mean I don't have to make buttonholes!).

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