Saturday, 26 October 2013

Emily's Gift - Neonatal Boxes

In the past I have blogged about a very special charity Emily's Star and a free preemie knitting pattern for the 'Emily Cardigan' can be found on the patterns page.

I love knitting for Emily's Star, but decided recently to try something new... teeny tiny ragdolls for teeny tiny girls.  I used the Tilly pattern from Sewn Toy Tales (Quinlan & Hurlston), but instead of photocopying the pattern to 200%, I used it as it is.  And the result is a cute doll that is the size of a dessert spoon.

I love the finished product, and it was a great way to use up all the bitty fabric scraps that I can't bring myself to throw out, but they were incredibly fiddly and took a lot longer to make than I anticipated. Definitely worth the effort though!

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