Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Variation on the KID shorts

This week I finally caved in and bought the KID short pattern by Dana at Made. I probably didn't need another shorts pattern but this one gives so many options and has sizes right up to age 10... and it costs less than £4! So really it was a must buy.
Since purchasing the pattern have made a few pairs using the tutorials over at Made. They have come out great so I will post a round-up once I get a chance to take some photos of my niece and nephew wearing them.
This evening I was going through my stash and came across some bright and cheerful lime green and blue spotted print that really needs to be used on summer clothing. So I decided to play around with the KID shorts pattern. And here's the result...

KID shorts

Basic denim KID shorts with patterned side panels and patch back pockets.
These shorts are for my 7-month-old nephew. He is pretty big for his age (and I wanted these shorts to last) so the smallest 12-month pattern size will be fine. But I did decided to go for the shorter racer length hemline rather than the boy length. I followed the basic KID short tutorial with a few additional steps, which I will outline below...
First create a panel pattern piece by lining up the front and back pieces along the outer seam edge. I then traced the top and bottom edges outwards 1 and 3/8 inches each way. This creates a 2 inch panel with 3/8 inch seam allowances on each side. Next alter the front and back pattern pieces (reducing them in width to allow for the added width of the panel). Do this by folding under 1 inch down the outer edge.
Cut out your pattern pieces and (2 front, 2 back and 2 panels). If you are adding patch pockets cut 2 from the main fabric (I eye-balled mine so no pattern pieces, sorry). Also cut two pocket pieces from the contract fabric but extend the top edge by an inch so you can create a patterned trim.
To make the patch pockets lay one main and one contrast pocket right-sides together. Sew around the side and curved edges but not the top edge.

Trim the curves, turn the pockets right side out and press. Then fold the top edge of the contrast fabric down to the top edge of the main fabric, and turn down again to encase the raw edge of the main fabric. Topstitch.

Next attach the panel pieces to the front outer edges and press seams out towards the main (or heavier) fabric.

Follow the remainder of the tutorial for the basic KID shorts, remembering to place the back pockets and topstitch before sewing the side seams.

After making the waistband and encasing the elastic, spread the gathers evenly between the front and back. Then flatten out the top of the panel at the waistband, being careful not to the stretch the elastic. Then stitch along each seam (between the main and the contrast fabric). This will stop the panel gathering up along the waistband.

Follow the remainder of the basic KID shorts tutorial to hem and finish shorts.

KID shorts


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