Saturday, 13 July 2013

Pleated Playsuit

I've followed Heidi over at Elegance & Elephants for a while now and always admired her classic kids designs. So when she offered a free pattern for her Pleated Playsuit design I hopped right on over to download it.
Things have been pretty busy around here with little guy's christening last weekend and couple more weeks before the end of term when I will finally be free to enjoy the biggest perk of being a teacher - Summer break! So it has taken me a while to pick out fabrics and actually get going on this project.
But finally, here it is (in size 2/3 year)...
E&E Pleated Playsuit

E&E Pleated PlaysuitI used a light cotton chambray for the main fabric and some of the Japanese floral print cotton from my last geranium dress project for the pocket linings and bodice facings. The blue flowers in the print pick up the blue colour of the cotton chambray really nicely. I made a few alterations to the pattern to make for easier dressing/changing. I used facing and snaps along the leg inseams for quick nappy changes (and because once the little lady has her clothes of she is often reluctant to put them back on - Little exhibitionist!). I also replaced the shoulder ties with flutter straps/sleeves with elastic threaded through them.
E&E Pleated PlaysuitE&E Pleated Playsuit


  1. This is adorable! I love the flutter sleeves--my daughter isn't a big fan of ties so that's the one thing she didn't like about the playsuit.

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  3. I love the addition of the flutter sleeves! Super cute!!!

  4. So stylish. I just voted for you in Romper Week.