Sunday, 5 May 2013

Here comes the sun....

Since the days seem to be getting warmer I decided it was time to make the little guy some shorts... And you have to admit, there really is nothing cuter than gorgeous chubby baby legs!
I started off making some very simple elasticated wait shorts from blue checked seersucker - A nice soft and light fabric for if the weather ever really heats up. I embellished them with some ribbed blue cotton knit patch pockets and a pretend tie at the front of the waistband. The seersucker came from my fabric stash and the jersey was from a top in my refashion pile.
Whilst rummaging through my refashion pile for fabric for the pockets of the seersucker shorts, I came across a lovely blue wide-striped rugby-style top made from a heavy, soft knit fabric. It was just perfect for some comfy baby boy copped baggies. I drafted this pattern myself and added some slash pockets with the stripe going vertically to contrast the stripe on the shorts and a fake tie at the front from a scrap of the same fabric. I really love these little cropped trousers, though in future I will probably make them a little less wide (maybe by tapering in along the inseam a bit).
The final pair of 'shorts' didn't actually turn out as shorts, but are instead cropped trousers. They have a flat front and elasticated back, and there are trimmed pockets to the front. This was another pattern I drafted myself, and the original intention was to have some wide turn-ups with a lining in the contrast fabric (which came from my scrap bag, but I think may be a from the Monsterz collection, Cloud 9). Once I got to sewing I decided that the demin was a bit bulky for turning up and decided to just have a trim poking through at the bottom, as it does around the pockets.

Rather than cutting the legs down, I decided to leave them, and so the shorts became cropped trousers. I kind of wish I had cut them down now (cropped trousers on little legs have a tendency to just look like trousers that have been outgrown) but nevermind. As the demin was quite bulky, I also decided to use the contrast fabric (organic cotton) for the back waistband and as facing for the front waitband.
And not wanting the Little Guy's sister to feel left out, I also made my niece a few pairs of shorts. So pop back later in the week to see them...

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