Saturday, 6 April 2013

The Geranium Top (now with photos of the little lady wearing it)

So, for months I have been admiring the multitude of Geranium Dresses that have been popping up all over blogland, and trying to convince myself that I don't really need another kiddies dress pattern. But... today I gave in and bought it, and am soooooooooooooooo happy that I did!!!
This pattern, by Rae over at made by RAE, is just fantastic. The e-pattern comes complete with instructions and lots of photos to show you what to do and goes from 0-5y. My biggest problem when making my first Geranium creation was deciding which of the many different variations to choose... top or dress, with side-seam pockets or patch-pockets, pleats or gathers, and which of the three different necklines and three sleeve options... the combinations are endless!
This was what I finally decided on (after two cups of tea and lots of changing my mind)...

Geranium Top
I chose the top, with faux cap sleeves, a cut-out neckline and pleats. I decided against pockets because I don't think the patch ones would look right with pleats and my niece has a nasty habit of running around with her hands in her pockets (I have visions of her tripping and knocking out her front teeth), so the side-seam pockets didn't seem like a good idea either.
The fabric is one that I picked up from Pink Pigeon Creations on Etsy (it was a bargain buy from her destash listings). It's a joanns fabric but not sure what it is called.
I pretty much followed the pattern and instructions to the word, but I added topstitching, just because I like top-stitching (it wasn't necessary for the construction).
Normally I shy away from making buttonholes as I panic that I will do them wrong and mess-up what I have made - If I want buttons I usually use hand-sewn snaps with buttons over the top. But... as this top was looking so fab I decided to be brave and do the fastenings properly with big pink buttons and buttonholes. I followed Rae's measuring instructions carefully and did quite a few practise ones on scraps of fabric, and I'm pleased to say, they worked pretty nicely.
Geranium Top

 ... Since writing this blog post I have given the top to my 2-year-old niece. When she saw it she said "so pretty" (the first time she has used the word 'pretty') and ran around the house like a lunatic! So I think she likes it. The 2T size is just right for her now (at 2y4m) but there's no growing room in it, so from now on I think I will be making the 3T. And here she is wearing it...

Geranium Top

Geranium TopGeranium Top


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