Monday, 15 April 2013

The Emily Cardigan Free Pattern (for premature/ underweight babies) ***with an ammendment***

Recently I have been knitting preemie cardigans for a local non-profit organisation called Emily's Star.
Emily's Star is a non-profit organisation (soon to be a registered charity) that was set up in memory of baby Emily, who was born with Trisomy 18 (Edwards Syndrome) and died just 26 days after her birth. Emily's parents hope to raise awareness of Edwards Syndrome and other Trisomy conditions. Emily's Star raise money to support children's complex needs nursing teams and also provide special boxes for families with babies in the neonatal unit. These boxes are filled with all sorts of practical and comforting things that parents and preemie/underweight babies may need in the early days, including cardigans.
Emily's Star - Emily CardiganSince I couldn't find the perfect preemie knitting pattern I decided to try and create my own. It is worked top down, with minimal seams (which can be uncomfortable for fragile babies to lie on). It has a v-neck and front button-openings to allow for easy dressing and wide, loose sleeves and cuffs to allow for medical lines etc.
If you would like to knit a preemie cardi for Emily's Star or another charity, you can download the free Emily Cardigan pattern here.

The pattern posted up until 5th April 2013 had a couple of errors in it. These have now been corrected, so if you have downloaded the pattern prior to this date, please download it again.

The corrections are as follows:
- The duplicate rows 23 and 24 should be row 25 and 26
- Row 24 should read: K17 M1 K2 M1 K29 M1 K2 M1 K35 M1 K2 M1 K29 M1 K2 M1 K17
- Row 26 should read: K18 M1 K2 M1 K31 M1 K2 M1 K37 M1 K2 M1 K31 M1 K2 M1 K18
-Where the decrease K1s1psso occurs, it should read s1K1psso (slip 1, knit 1, pass the slipped stitch over)

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