Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Girlie Lovey

One of this week's projects was a little pair of girlie baby shoes and matching hat, requested by a friend. However, not liking the number two and pairs for gifts, I decided that the set needed a third element. Not long ago I made (and blogged about) my first 'lovey' for the gorgeous Oliver and decided that a girlie lovey would be the perfect thrid piece for this gift set.
And here it is...

I used the same hot pink fleece for the back that I used for the shoes and the hat.  The centre square on the front and the hanging tag are made from the contrast fabric from the shoes and hat. The poppers on the hanging tag also match those on the little shoes. I chose to use a couple of metallic fabrics to add contrast and hopefully the refelective nature of them will add interest for the baby. And I used corduroy and pale pink fleece for contrasting textures and a mixture of ribbons with different feels, widths and colours.
And here is the lovey with the rest of the gift set...


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