Sunday, 24 March 2013

Oliver's Lovey

As I have mentioned in my last couple of posts, my friend has just had a gorgeous baby boy, Oliver. So here is the last of this weekend's projects to welcome him into the world - A blue, green, grey and yellow 'lovey'.

All the fabrics came from my scrap bag. The majority are jerseys and fleeces for snuggly comfort, but there are also a couple of quilting cotton fabrics to add contrasting texture. I also used a variety of ribbons, ricrac, twill tape and cords for the grabby bits, so hopefully he will find it comforting but also interesting to explore.
I added a strap with snap fasteners to one corner so that the lovey can be attached to the car-seat/ pram handles so it doesn't get lost. I used two snaps on the strap (for a choice of two hanging lengths), that close onto one on the corner of the lovey.
Fingers crossed the little guy likes it.

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