Monday, 18 March 2013

Awaiting the arrival of a precious little bundle

A friend of mine is due to deliver her baby this week and since she is a long-time fan of my crafting, has requested some one-of-kind baby bits. Since she doesn't know what she is having, I have held off making a whole outfit (not that I go in massively for gender stereotypes, but it is way more fun to make a whole outfit if you know what gender the baby is!). But I couldn't let her go off to hospital without something special packed in her baby bag, so I made her this little set...

The main fabric is a super soft fleece in a grey leopard print. The lining of the shoes is the very last left-overs of the lime green fleece I used in the Junebug Remix and Christmas Coat  (unfortunately I didn't have enough of it to line the hat too). I wanted to make this set gender-neutral, but figured that my friend will probably have quite a few bits in the usual whites and creams. So these are a little different.

For the hat I used my favourite go-to hat tutorial (which I also used here and here).

And for the little shoes I used a fantastic free pattern from Shwin&Shwin. It was such an easy pattern and tutorial to follow and I am in love with the finished product! I have already had a few requests for these from other friends with babies (or family who are expecting). Shauna at Shwin&Shwin also offers up a free pattern for baby 'mary janes' which I think I will have to try too.


  1. Hi, cute shoes !!! Did you sew the buckle to the shoe or did you make it like a snap on buckle?

    1. Check out the free pattern and tutorial at shwin&shwin for how to make them. I used plastic snap closures.