Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Farmer Hoodie

I picked up some lovely boyish brown 100% organic cotton DK in the January sales and decided to try and be clever and use it to make the 'Jay' hoodie from Rowan Miniature Classics. The pattern calls for using Rowan Denim cotton yarn, which does a strange shrinking thing when you wash it so I had to make some allowances for this, but mostly it wasn't too tricky and the finished hoodie is adorable. I decided to fancy-up the pouch pocket with some novelty tractor buttons and match these with coordinating yellow smartie buttons on the neckline. It's bright but I think it brightens up an otherwise all brown sweater.
I made the sweater in 3-6 month size and decided not to adjust the length even though my cotton will not shrink like the denim cotton. Little Man is very long so extra length isn't really a bad thing. I had to make some adjustements to the sleeve tops so that they set into the armholes correctly but that wasn't too tricky... I made the sleeves using a combination of the 3-6 month instructions and those for a couple of sizes up and with a little trial and error it all worked out.
I thought that by making the 3-6 month size Little Man would get a good lot of wear out of it, being only 7 weeks old. However, when I saw him last week he was already wearing it and there isn't even half as much growing room as I had expected... He really is a big boy!

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