Saturday, 2 February 2013

A Junebug remix - The Junebug Pramsuit

A while back I posted about a fleece pramsuit I made in anticipation of the arrival of my first nephew. My sister-in-law loved it and it kept the little guy warm through our recent snowy period. However, little guy wasn't exactly 'little' at birth and just keeps growing, so he has completely outgrown the original pramsuit. So at the request of my sister-in-law I have made him a bigger pramsuit that will hopefully see him through to spring.

Junebug remix pramsuit


I used the fantastic Junebug Dress by Jess at craftinessisnotoptional as a starting point and since the little guy is actually pretty huge I decided to use Jess' 2T/3T pattern pieces as a starting point. Being nice and big it gives him plenty of wiggle-room and it might last more than a couple of weeks.
I still had some of the navy fleece from the original pramsuit left over and combined this with left-overs of the lime green fleece that I used for the lining of his sister's Christmas coat. The colours actually look really nice together and a bit of a change from the usual baby blues.
Junebug remix pramsuitThe whole pramsuit is lined in the lime fleece and the front and back pieces have a layer of cotton wadding/batting for extra warmth. The side panels and sleeves are not wadded as we didn't want the little guy to overheat... and you can always add a cosy blanket on really cold days. The front panel fastens using plastic snap fastners (I used a combination of green and navy front and backs to match/contrast with the fabrics).
Junebug remix pramsuit
I added an opening for the carseat/ pram buckle as my sister-in-law said this was one of the best features of the original pramsuit. With a toddler and a newborn, anything that makes transfering from car to pram easier when out and about can't be a bad thing.

Junebug remix pramsuit
When I made the front and back pattern pieces I originally was going to cut them on the fold so each would be a whole piece of fabric. However, as I was working with left-over fabric I didnt have the luxury of big pieces and had to cut each in two parts with a centre seam. This actually worked in my favour when it came to the buckle opening as I just had to reopen part of the seam and hand-finish the edge. Much less fiddly than the buckle opening on the original pramsuit!

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  1. what a great!!!! idea!! i was just thinking of making a baby sack as i was calling it. i just purchased this pattern in the sewfab bundle, and MAYBE this will happen!! thanks for the great ideas!!