Friday, 18 January 2013

Knitting for Emily's Star

Since I am a crafting hoarder, and can't stand to throw precious crafting supplies away, I have a big bag full of yarn left-over from past projects. I have often wondered what to do with it all but never come up with anything exciting. But... I have finally found the answer.
I recently heard about a fantastic local charity called Emily's Star. This charity is still in it's early days, but has big plans and needs lots of help... why not pop over and see what it's all about?
One of the many things the charity does is to provide neonatal units with welcome boxes for premature and underweight babies, including preemie outfits. And what better way to use up all that left-over yarn, than to whizz up some preemie cardigans and hats!
Here's my first preemie project...

A cardigan and hat set for a 3-4lb baby boy. I used less than 25g of each of the yarns and completed the project in a couple of evenings so definitely a worthwhile endeavour!

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