Friday, 21 December 2012

Peewee is 2!

December is a crazy month for my family, with both my Mum and niece having birthdays and of course Christmas. This year we also have the much anticipated arrival of my first nephew thrown into the mix, so I haven't had much time for blogging.
Last weekend we had a birthday party for my niece. Since my sister-in-law is heavily pregnant we kept it low key, but Peewee had a great time playing with her friends and eating lots of yummy treats.
This year I made the birthday cake and after much deliberation decided to have a go at decorating it with a favourite of hers... birds. I used flower-paste to make the birds and cut them out freehand. For the wings I cut little hearts and for the legs I used spaghetti covered in yellow flower-paste. And here it is...

The cake was a vanilla sponge sandwich with three layers. Between each layer was vanilla butter cream and jam. The sponges needed trimming to get them to sit well so I had some pieces of cake that were just calling out to be made into cakepops. I was a little short of time so decided on some quick and easy flower cakepops to tie-in with the flowers around the cake's edge. I used a double cake stand to lift the cake up higher than all the surrounding presents on the table, so I also made a few girlie cupcakes for the lower cake stand.

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