Thursday, 1 November 2012

Junebug Remix

Never wanting to be wasteful, I have been pondering ways of using up the last small piece of dusky pink corduroy left over from the autumn skirts and pinafore projects.
There wasn't really enough to make another skirt, so I was a bit stumped and decided to browse some of my fave blogs for some inspiration...
And inspiration came in the form of the Junebug Dress over at Craftiness is not Optional. I've had my eye on this tutorial for a long while, but being lazy, have been putting it off... Jess has a pattern available to download in size 2T, so I figured I'd just wait for my niece to grow into that size. And at last she has.
And so here is my Junebug remix...

I think the finished dress is having a bit of an identity crisis... not quite a pinafore, but not quite a 'dressy' dress. Anyhow, it used up lots of scrappy bits of fabric and isn't too shabby. And I got to use more snaps!

The photo quality lets the dress down a little bit as the colours aren't quite how they are in real life... the lining and snaps are navy blue and tie in with the navy in the check skirt.

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