Monday, 19 November 2012

Corduroy almost-toddler girl trousers

The minute I saw these fabulous Bonpoint trouser knock-offs over at Elegance and Elephants I just knew I had to have a go at making something similar.

And since my favourite baby girl (Milly, aka Minion 6 from MinionGarden) is now up on her feet cruising (and terrorising her poor parents), I figured that the gathered bottoms would make these trousers perfect for her... no trouser hems dragging on the floor to be tripped up on.

My version is not quite so polished as Heidi's but I love them anyway. I didn't quite manage the gathered pockets and I had really wanted navy twill tape, but could only get my hands on white or black. But I think the duck-egg blue cord and blue modern flowered trims are different from the majority of store-bought girl's jeans and trousers about at the moment.

Now it's just a case of finding time to head over to Minion HQ before Milly outgrows her new trousers.

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