Sunday, 28 October 2012

Dungarees and Snap Fasteners

Ever since hearing that my brother and sister-in-law are expecting a little boy, I have been itching to make a pair of dungarees for the little man. I found a cute pattern in the book 'Making Baby's Clothes' (by Rob Merrett), but wanted to add snap closures to the leg inseams to make nappy changing simpler. Since seeing Jessica at Me Sew Crazy use snap-tape on her Baby Snap Cargo Pants, I have been on a mission to find such tape. However, I have not been able to find it anywhere and so the project has been on hold.
However, this week I discovered the joy of KAM snap fasteners and having tested them out on corduroy with my basic autumn pinafore dress project, I decided that they would work well on the dungarees. So after an evening at my sewing machine, I have my cute baby boy cord dungarees (teamed up in the photo with a shirt I made last week using another pattern from Me Sew Crazy - The Baby Boy Button Up).

I used a contrasting polka-dot cotton for the pocket trims and reverse of the straps and bibs. I also added in some trim along the hemline (with extra contrast fabric on the reverse of the leg bottoms for turning up, if needs be).
I decided to be brave and use a contrasting colour for the snap closures on the straps and sides, matching to the bright blue colour in the polka-dot print. It's bright, but I think it has worked well and ties the two fabrics together.
For the leg inseam closures I used brown snap fasteners as they were for practicality and not aesthetics. I used the polka-dot fabric to create facings to reinforce the inseam area where the snaps are and decided to allow some of the fabric to peek out like it does on the hem... now I'm not so sure about that decision (maybe a bit too much polka-dot