Monday, 1 October 2012

Crafting fix

With a couple more days of building work still ahead of me I am seriously missing an outlet for my creativity... so this evening I have indulged in a quick project to take the edge of the crafting cravings.

I picked up this lovely dusky pink needlecord up at John Lewis in a sale a while back and have been waiting for autumn to get stuck into some cozy autumn projects. So after a quick chat with my sister-in-law about my niece's autumn fashion needs, I settled on a girlie flouncy (is that a real word?) skirt.
I pretty much wingged this project (so desperate as I was to get sat in front of my sewing machine again) so I don't have any measurements for you, but it was pretty basic. The fabric pieces I used were:
One width of the cord fabric (the length being about 2/3 of the final desired skirt length).
One width of the gingham for the waistband, long enough to encase the elastic you plan to use (with a bit extra if you want it to peek over the top like mine).
Two widths of cord (joined together) to make the first flouncy layer and two widths of gingham (joined together) to make the second flouncy layer. The gingham should be about 1/3 of the final desired length of the skirt. The cord should be shorter as you want the gingham to hang lower at the bottom.
After I gathered the long strips I joined them together by zigzagging along the top edge of both with the cord layered over the gingham. This was to save time and also to stop the layers slipping. The gathers makes the seam between the bottom of the main skirt and flounces a bit fiddly to sticth, so having two of the layers zigzagged together was helpful...

And because I was on a role and enjoying myself, I decided to whizz up a little box pleat skirt to balance out all the flounciness of the first skirt. I used a great tutorial by Tricia, over at Made by Me & Shared with You.



  1. The skirts turned out so cute. Well done. Thanks for sharing the project with me!