Monday, 22 October 2012

Baby Boy Outfit

This weekend I decided to try out some of the boy patterns and tutorials by the wonderful Jessica at Me Sew Crazy. Not only are they gorgeous and easy to follow, but they are also free!
So here's my versions of the 'Baby Boy Button Up' and the 'Baby Boy Snap Cargo Pants'.
The polka dot fabric is a super soft and silky cotton and the trousers are a lovely duck-egg blue needlecord, both from John-Lewis.

I didn't add pockets and decided not to use snaps on the trousers as I didnt have enough. I used the polka-dot fabric as lining for extra warmth, also making the trousers reversible as it took hardly any extra effort and it is always nice to have options (though I dont think you would ever put the polka-dot shirt with the polka-dot trousers... very intense!).

I decided to have decorative buttons on the shirt and snap closures underneath as buttons on small babies can be fiddly (and as you've probably realised... I HATE making buttonholes!).
I love the little details in these patterns, especially the little pocket on the chest and the inverse pleat on the back of the shirt.

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  1. So happy you were able to make this adorable outfit! Came out super cute! Thanks so much for sharing!