Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Toddler Jacket

This weekend I bought the book "Making Baby's Clothes" (Rob Merrett) as a way of bumping up my collection of basic pattern peices. The book has 25 designs for 0-3 year olds, and although not all the projects are to my taste, I could see potential in almost every pattern piece. So for £12.99 it was a bit of a bargain.
A few months ago I bought half a metre each of a couple of 'Darla' (Tanya Whelan) fabrics. It was a complete impulse buy, spurred on by the bright colours and half-price sale. However, I haven't been able to find a pattern that would cope with the prints (damask and stripe) that really are more suited to upholstery than clothing. The only thing I could think might work was a jacket/ coat and have been looking for a suitable pattern (that requires relatively little fabric) ever since.
And this is where my new book comes in. The book has a few different jacket/coat designs, and I decided to make a jacket combining features from a combinaton of two or three projects that use that same basic pattern pieces.
One of the patterns gave directions for lining the bodice, which gave me the idea of making the jacket reversible. I thought the process through carefully, drew diagrams and fiddled with folds of fabric and everything went to plan, except that the bottoms of the sleeve would not fit around the free-arm of the sewing machine, even with the extension table removed. So I was stuck with raw edges on the sleeves. I fudged my way through, using contrasting home-made binding and the finished effect isn't too bad (but it's not perfect and I know it). I will have to work this project again and figure out a better way of attaching the two jackets - Maybe I should join the sleeve bottoms before setting in the sleeves? I will have to investigate methinks.
And here's the reverse...
I'm not sure I like the stripe - It reminds me of pyjamas. But the recipient might like stripes and it gives options. And since the bodice would have been lined in stripe anyway, it seemed to make sense to do a little extra work and give more options.


And here is the jacket being worn by 'Minion 6' of the Minion Garden. Isn't she just gorgeous!!!