Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Skirt to dress refashion - Version 2

I while ago I posted a skirt to dress refashion. The original skirt was one of my mum's old linen-mix skirts. She actually gave me two, the blue one and also a lilac one. This weekend I used the lilac one in another 'skirt to dress refashion'. This time I used a bought pattern (from the book 'Making Baby's Clothes - Rob Merrett) and made the 'Garden Miniature' dress (a dungaree style/ pinafore dress).

I made the dress in the 9 month size, and there is a teeny tiny voice in the back of my head telling me that linen is probably not the most suitable fabric for toddler clothing, but who cares?! The fabric just feels so lovely and the colour is perfect for a pretty little girl, so hey-ho.
The pattern pieces and instructions/ diagrams were pretty clear and it only took one evening to make the dress. The shoulder straps tie in pretty bows, which means no fiddly fastenings to attach. The pattern called for buttons and button-holes at the side-openings, but as usual I decided to go for poppers/snaps with the buttons being non-functional and just for show.
Originally I searched through my button stash for purple buttons but couldn't find suitable matching sets and so used pink buttons instead. Now I'm thinkin the pink adds a nice contrast to the plain style of the dress. What do you think?

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