Sunday, 12 August 2012


A while back, for my Mum's birthday, I bought her a book called "Knitted Toy Tales". It's a really lovely book, so when I stumbled on another book in the series called "Sewn Toy Tales" I just had to buy it. Unfortunately, I did not look too closely at the pattern pieces at the back, and failed to notice that they need to be enlarged, so I couldn't start on a project straight away. Since then I have forgotton numerous times to photocopy the pages and then forgot I had the book altogether until recently. I now have a pile of fabric scraps so large that they threaten to take over my living room, so this summer I decided to get the pattern copied and have a go at a few toys. The books suggests enlraging by 200%, however since going from A4 to A3 is 141% I stuck with that... I didn't have the time or patience to work out how to copy at 200% and not miss out edges of the page and bits of toy body parts.

So my toys are a little smaller than the books dimensions, but I had no problem piecing them.

So here is Finnegan Frog, Tilly Doll and Alexander Caterpillar...

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