Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Persevering with the knit fabrics

This is another refashion project, using an old t-shirt with a fancy neckline.

I've been looking at this top on and off for a while trying to figure out how best to utilise the beaded neckline. Everytime, the first thought that came to mind was a bolero style cardigan. However, the curve on the neckline is inverse to the traditional curve of a bolero cardigan. In the end, since I kept coming back to the same idea I decided to just go with it and see how it came out.

I cut the pieces using a basic bodice template, cutting the back piece at the bottom of the back of the t-shirt to incorporate the original hem (less work for me!). The fronts were cut to incorporate the beaded neckline as the front edges, making sure to line up the pattern piece with the grain of the fabric (which made the trimmed edge look a little bit weird but was important, I think). I turned under and stitched the front bottom hem and the front edges above the beaded edge.

Next I pinned and stitched the shoulder seams. To finish the neckline, I took a long band of the same fabric (with the stretch going widthways). I folded this in half and lined up the raw edges with the raw edge of the neckline, stretching a little as I went. I tucked the raw short ends under. I folded the neckband up and the raw edges back and then topstitched.

I cut some simple sleeves, using the original sleeves of the t-shirt, lining them up to use the finished edges of the sleeves. I set these in, pinning and stitching. Then I joined the side and sleeve seams

I decided that because of the curve going the opposite way to normal, the cardi needed some kind of fastening at the top to keep it from gaping. I toyed with a button and ribbon loop, but in the end dedided on a tie ribbon instead.

Looking at the finished cardigan, I do wonder if I could have created the curve going the other way by tucking the bottom of the beaded band into the side seam. But I guess that's something to explore in another project.

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