Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Baby girl trousers

On a roll with patterns from my new book (Making Baby's Clothes - Rob Merrett) I decided to have a go making the 'Shanghai Milly' trousers.
The front has contour stitched patch pockets. This is the first time I have made pockets this way and I really like the effect. The only problem I had was that the cotton fabric is very tightly woven and quite heavy, so all the layers of the pockets were a bit difficult to sew... I had to take it really slowly so as to not bend the needle.
Rather than hemming the trouser legs, the bottoms are finished with binding which I think makes them look a little bit more feminine maybe. As does the front tie.

I realise that cream and beige probably aren't the best colours for toddler clothes but the print is just so pretty,  I couldn't resist. Fingers crossed the intended recipient likes them and that her mummy doesn't mind that she will probably have to put them through the washing machine a lot!

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