Tuesday, 28 August 2012

A little bit more stretch

Having been semi-successful working some jersey/knit refashioning projects I decided to have a go at mixing some jersey with other fabrics and make a dress with a jersey bodice and cotton skirt
The bodice was refashioned from an old halter-neck style top that I haven't worn for years. The top had a stretchy edging (wrapped over like bias tape) around the neck that lead into the ties for the halter-neck. I patiently sat and undid the stitching so that I could reuse it for the edging of the dress bodice. And I think that it was worth the time and effort as it adds some 'fancy' to a very basic dress.
The bodice pattern was just a simple one I made from another top that fits a 9-month old. The back is made from one piece as I figured that with the stretchy edging the neckline would have enough give to fit over the head without an opening. Then I when I started piecing it together I wasn't so sure and decided to add a split to the back. I used scraps to face the top edge and a larger scrap to create a band on the other side of the opening (that will lie underneath). I found some pretty coordinating buttons in my stash and for a millisecond contemplated making button holes. But I hate making buttonholes and was also a bit worried about how they would work on stretchy fabric and decided that poppers/snaps is more practical with babies anyway (that's my excuse, not laziness, honest!). So I added poopers/snaps and the buttons are non-functional and just for show.

The skirt is made from cotton with 5% lycra. The lycra makes the cotton gather up so I only needed one width of the fabric to make the skirt. It's not a very full skirt, but looks gathered without too much fabric impeding efforts to master crawling.

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