Sunday, 1 July 2012

Under the Sea

This week one of my goddaughters turned 8 and today we celebrated with a birthday lunch. I decided that since I had some cakepop dough in the freezer from last week, I would make some to take along to the birthday lunch. It took me a little while to come up with a theme that wouldn't be considered too babyish, but finally settled on an 'under the sea' theme.

The clownfish and starfish were pretty basic. The sea turtles have fondant shells and jelly bean feet and heads. The crabs have cherry-lip claws and strawberry lace legs. I was feeling quite proud of myself for thinking of the cherry-lips, as they looked great... until I came downstairs this morning to find the claws had fallen off over night and needed a repair job. The octopuses had me stumped for a while and I toyed with using strawberry laces, but thought they may look more like spiders. And then I considered those fat laces with icing inside, but I wasn't convinced they would stay attached to the bottom of the cakeball. Then I remembered that the candy coating is really easy to shape on non-stick sheets and decided to go with that.

I was a bit short of time due to playing a concert this weekend, so they aren't the neatest. But my goddaughter and little cousins liked them... and so did all the adults. So I'm happy.


  1. Beautiful and delicious. There were none left by the time we left. Kx

  2. I love them!! You are a genius! Xxx

  3. What a birthday treat - these were really special and very tasty
    Thanks Jo