Monday, 2 July 2012

Too lazy for buttonholes!

Since making the fitted apron top by Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom I have been toying with the idea of altering the pattern to make a toddler dress. I'm not keen on making buttonholes and button bands so the apron-style back really appealed to my lazy nature. The top was so quick and simple to whizz up I figured making a pattern and dress along the same lines couldn't be too hard. And I wasn't wrong - This little dress only took 2 hours to make from drafting the pattern to the finished article and I love it!

I must admit, the red fabric is a rather cheap and nasty stiff polycotton. But since this was a bit of a trial I didn't want to use any of my really nice fabric in case it didn't work.

I had intended for the loops and the straps to be made completely out of the white fabric. But it came from my scrap bag and I didn't have a long enough piece. I added the red fabric to the ends and I think it has actually worked out quite nicely with the red being against skin and the white contrasting against the red of the bodice.
I think I may be making more of these if the summer ever arrives!


  1. so cute! I just saw you link on the original tutorial because I just made a top too! I'm too lazy for buttons too...

  2. ps- come link this up to my scrappy saturdays link's still open and goes on every week :)