Monday, 30 July 2012

Something for the Boys!

Today I attempted my first boy project. I had intended to make some shorts with a flat front and elasticated back to fit a little boy aged 3. However, somewhere along the way something must have gone wrong, as they have come out smaller than I would have liked. I think they will probably be a better fit as cropped trousers for a 12-18 month old. Luckily I know a little boy just about to celebrate his first birthday so they should make a nice hand-made gift for him. So here they are...

I used the 'Kid Pants' pattern and tutorial over at Made as a starting point and added pockets to the front. A couple of thing I really like about the pattern are that the front scoops down slighty so it's less likely to dig into the little man's tummy, and the back looks like it has plenty of room for a nappy.

The main fabric was upcycled from an old skirt. The pocket material is from Monsterz by Michele Brummer Everett for Cloud 9.

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