Friday, 20 July 2012

Big Bows

Having spotted a few very cute tops and dresses sporting big bows this spring, I decided I really wanted to make one. However, unable to find a suitable pattern or tutorial out there I was forced to have a go from scratch.

I started out with a a pattern piece for a dress bodice that I already had in my stash and drafted out what I though was a pattern that would work. Inevitably, and in my usual style, this became a project through which I would learn many things... all of which learned through mistakes. Needless to say, this top was stitched and ripped out many times before I felt it worthy enough to be gifted to my friend for her gorgeous baby girl.

It doesn't quite match the picture I had in my mind, but now that I've seen it modelled by a gorgeous little girl I'm more than happy with it. And for those of you who are interested, the precious little lady modelling the top is Milly (aka 'Minion 6') from