Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Gardening in the rain

This week is half-term break, so I have a whole week off work to catch up with all the things I don't have time to do normally. Number one on my list was getting my garden in order, as I have done nothing to it since the end of last summer. I'm a fair-weather gardener and the prospect of having to fill numerous watering cans in order to maintain a pretty garden during the hose-pipe ban has put me off getting going this year. However, for two days now I have woken up to sunshine and been optimistic enough to get out into the garden. Unfortunately, on both occassions the sunshine was short-lived and I had to be barve and garden in the rain but...

I now have a tidy, pretty garden and am feeling quite proud of myself, albeit a little soggy.

Herbs and chard

Happy yellow sunflowers in memory of my beautiful friend Johanne,
they were her favourites.
And red geraniums because I like red and they look cheerful
in my conservatory in autumn.

My lilac tree - Now full of bird feeders (and hopefully, soon birds)
now that the flowers are finished.

Tidy beds

Now all I need is some sunshine to show off the garden in all its glory

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